At the moment I’m freelancing as a 2D- and 3D-generalist. I mainly work on film projects (both animated feature film and VFX) as texturing, shading and lighting artist. Before that I was employed at the R&D department at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, where I engaged mainly in a research project about digital actors and focused on compositing, shading, lighting and rendering. Additionally I supported virtual production shoots and motion capture sessions from a technical point of view.
In 2015 I achieved my Master degree at Media University Stuttgart, dealing with visual effects and virtual production workflows. I work on freetime, academic and commercial projects as 3D generalist, compositor and motion designer since 2007. But I’m not only a CG guy. Occasionally I take freelance jobs as a cutter and camera operator or work as lighting technician on film sets or in the theatre.